Frequency Behaviour of Basic Floor Structures

Federica Bettarello , Patrizio Fausti , Vincenzo Baccan , Marco Caniato

New Zealand Acoustics, 25(1), pp.20- 24 . (2012).

In order to obtain reliable estimates of the impact sound insulation between rooms, it is necessary to know the acoustic performance of each element composing the floors. The contribution of the flanking transmissions, the attenuation of floating floors and the weighted normalized impact sound pressure level of the basic structure need to be determined in order to apply the simplified calculation method according to the EN ISO 12354-2 standard. With the aim of verifying the range of validity of the calculation method proposed by the EN ISO 12354-2 standard for typical basic beam floor structures, a research based on on-site measurements was conducted. This paper provides an analysis in terms of spectrum trend, predicted average weighted normalized impact sound pressure level and reduction of impact sound pressure level obtainable with a generic floating floor typology. The study can represent a starting point for a correct estimation of the impact sound insulation in new buildings and renovation plans.