Wind Farm Noise—The High Amenity Limit in NZS6808:2010

Paul Botha

New Zealand Acoustics, 23(3), pp.25- 32 . (2010).

The 2010 edition of NZS6808 “Acoustics – Wind farm noise”, introduced a “high amenity noise limit” in addition to the primary limit. This paper will discuss the reasons behind the introduction of this additional limit and explain how the high amenity noise limit is implemented. Examples will be used to illustrate how the high amenity noise limits compare with the ad-hoc secondary limits imposed on wind farms in New Zealand. The examples used are a selection from Project West Wind, a wind farm near Wellington, where the secondary limits there are based on modifications to the limits set out in the 1998 version of the Standard and have been put in place by the Environment Court. The paper shows how the secondary limits in the 2010 version are much easier to implement and also provide a higher level of protection to the wind farm’s neighbours.