Noise Source Identification Techniques: Simple to Advanced Applications

Bernard Ginn , Karim Haddad

New Zealand Acoustics, 26(2), pp.5- 14 . (2013).

The number of techniques available to engineers working on noise, vibration and harshness problems has increased considerably in recent years. The choice of the most appropriate technique depends upon the application and the information required. This paper reviews techniques for noise source identification and quantification ranging from simple hand-held sound intensity systems, hand-held array systems to large ground based microphone arrays. The methods include Beamforming, Spherical Beamforming and Acoustic Holography. Guidelines are given to help the engineer choose a suitable technique based on the frequency range of interest, the distance from the measurement ar-ray and the test object and the resolution required. Practical application examples ranging from hearing aids to wind turbines are presented to illustrate the various NSI techniques.