Come and Feel the Noise - A Review of Recreational Noise Associated with Two Open Air Concert Sites

Lindsay Hannah

New Zealand Acoustics, 23(2), pp.4- 18 . (2010).

Open air concert events can be held in specialist stadiums, arenas or open sites. These events are recreational activities which give enjoyment and pleasure to the people attending but can potentially cause disturbance and annoyance to bystanders in the surrounding environment. This disturbance can include interference with speech communication, interference with concentration, and general annoyance. This article looks at the noise and the related effects from open air concert events using two well known sites in New Zealand namely Wellington’s Westpac Stadium and Mystery Creek, Hamilton. These two sites have been used to provide examples of sound level measurements from open air concert events carried out on site. The article endeavours to bring together a suite of fundamental physical and managerial methods for the effective control of environmental sound during open air concert events under the title of noise management methods