Creating enhanced learning environments: The benefits of soundfield amplification systems

Michael Heeney

New Zealand Acoustics, 17(2), pp.18- 25 . (2004).

Good listening conditions are essential to childrenís auditory development and general learning. A childís ability to hear words, phrases and instructions is vital to them being able to process information and understand concepts (1). Research shows that excessive noise levels impair childrenís speech perception, reading and spelling ability, behaviour, attention, and overall academic performance (1). Studies have also found classroom noise to be an issue in most New Zealand schools (2, 3). Sound&field classroom amplification systems can provide a practical and cost&effective solution. Sound&field systems use FM technology to transmit and amplify a teacherís voice (signal) above the classroom noise, with the aim of making it easier for students to hear the teacher no matter where they are in the classroom at the time.