The Development and Commisioning of an IEC Standard Listening Room and Two Applications in Building Acoustics Research

Gian Schmidt , Aaron Chan

New Zealand Acoustics, 23(2), pp.23- 29 . (2010).

A project aimed at improving the impact insulation of flooring systems prompted the need for verification of associated subjective improvements. To provide for this we designed and furnished a room to meet the acoustical requirements of IEC Standard 268-13 for standardised listening rooms and equipped it with hidden loudspeakers to play recordings of impact sounds. Because floor impacts often generate spectra extending down to the infrasonic range the specification for the reproduction system in the listening room was for a system capable of a flat response down to 12 Hz. This presentation describes the development of the listening room, the installation of the loudspeaker systems and shows some results from (a) the floor project and (b) a brief study of the acceptability of sounds in multi-family dwellings comparing floor noise from neighbours living above with floor noise from neighbours living to the side.