Some Recent Findings on Field Impact Insulation (part 1)

Tony Windner

New Zealand Acoustics, 19(1), pp.11- 16 . (2006).

We recently carried out a number of Field Impact Insulation tests on apartment buildings in the Bay of Plenty. Impact Insulation typically relates to transmission of “footfall” noise between apartments, for example, noise from a person walking on a “hard” kitchen floor which is heard in the apartment directly below. The minimum impact insulation requirement as per Clause G6 of the Building Code is FIIC 50 on site (Field Impact Insulation Class). That is, FIIC 50 or greater on site is a “pass” and FIIC 49 or less on site is a “fail”. The rating of FIIC 50 is the legal minimum, but higher ratings are recommended, especially for middle to high quality developments where owners/occupants have higher expectations of acoustical amenity. We take this opportunity to report on two aspects of some recent measurements: • Re-test Repeatability. • The typical effect of Mapei Mapefonic (an acoustic underlay)